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a copy of which is available under the Reference section
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Anyway, now onto the story.

So, I was bored one night and as I was sitting in bed, I
figued, "Hey, why aren't there better ways to edit content
than either learning a dynamic scripting language or having
to learn HTML code?" I had never heard of one, so the next
day during math class, I decided to make up a new specification
for a scripting language which would change all of the rules.

I hadn't really decided what I would call this scripting language.
I had thought about something boring like HTML/PSL which stands
for Hyper-Text Markup Language Processed Scripting Language. My
good friend Patrick, decided that that name was way too boring for
such an exciting product, so we ended up with PRAHN, which in
reality stands for Psychotic Recursive Angry HTML Ninjas. This might
seem like utter nonsense, but if you think about it, not only
do I use recursion for processing batch files within batch files,
but it writes HTML code, and does it in a really psychotic way
(it's an interpreted langue that writes an interpreted language!).

What about the Ninjas? Ummm... well we kinda like Anime and ninjas
are really cool, so we decided to put that in. Besides,who would
use a language called PRAH? What about the prawn? Well since we
like ninjas soo much, and the language's name was a parody of a
shrimp, we decided to have both a ninja and prawn as the logo.

We could have even made PRAHN a recursive acronym, like this:
PRAHN Reads Autonomous HTML News. But, that is not only silly,
it is utterly wrong! PRAHN doesn't like to read news, it likes
to make the news!

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