PRAHN Features

1. Massive Paragraph formatting, allowing large amounts
of text to be placed on a site without the need for it
to be preformatted. This is currently done in two ways,
the first way paragraphs the text by the location of
blank lines in the file, and the second paragraphs in
the same way as the first by adding < BR > tags to the
end of each line.

2. Simple scripting language
PRAHN is an easy to learn scripting language very similar
to HTML, but with the exception that only one command can
be placed per line. The layout of this language allows for
simple modifying of content and formatting, most often than
not, these two are done separately.

3. Batch processing
Available in the next release, version 1.2, batch processing
allows a webmaster to streamline the website by updating all
of the pages at once. The batch file syntax is very easy to
learn, and makes it easy to manage a site of any number of pages.

4. Non-Dynamic execution
By making the PRAHN system non-dynamic, it saves both memory and
processor time. Dynamic systems waste memory, processor time, and
bandwidth. The PRAHN approach allows for the web server to transfer
just HTML, which allows for faster transfers (the web server isn't
doing work), and saves the processor from having to generate a
page content on-the-fly, which wastes processor time.

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